Activities / Events

Steve Darnall presents: Radio and the Great American Songbook
Tuesday, August 16 at 6:30pm

Multi-Library Geocaching Event
June 6 - August 6
Monday, June 6 - Saturday, August 6
Click link below for Maps and Clue Cards
or pick them up at the library.
How It Works

View our Virtual Clue Card to find a list of hidden caches found at our particpating libraries. Using the provided clues, figure out where each location is with their coordinates, the description and hint will lead you to the libraries cache. This year the caches will include a QR code you can scan with any mobile device, from there you will fill out a form, this will be your entry into the raffle. Each entry into the raffles you closer to winner the $25 gift card.

The event starts Monday, June 6th, and you have until Saturday, August 6th to find as many of the caches as you can.