Teens - Things to Do

Friday, October 13th at 4pm—TEEN Movie INSIDIOUS (RATED PG13):  Happy Friday the 13th!! Come with your blankets, comfy clothes and friends as we watch the film of INSIDIOUS. Snacks will be provided!  AGES 13 to 17 years only—MAX 20
October 16th to October 21st—TEEN Read Week
Come to the Library and do our scavenger hunt.
 Prize awarded upon completion!

Tuesday, October 17th at 6:00pm—DIY Sugar skulls: Honor the tradition of Day of the dead by creating your own Sugar skull and enjoy some traditional treats too! AGES 13 to 17 years only—MAX 20

Wednesday, October 18th at 4pm—TEEN Gaming day: We’ll have video games set up, and other board games to play. Snacks provided. AGES 13 to 17 years only—MAX 20


August 1, 2023

Attention Teen Volunteers:
Thank you so much for your continued interest in volunteering at Bridgeview Public Library. 
At this time the volunteer program has been suspended until further notice. 

Chris Sebuck